*PLEASE NOTE: this list is NOT intended to diagnose or treat you. See a licensed mental health provider or medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Most people feel down or get “the blues” and it lasts a day or two. However, Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a SERIOUS and often FATAL illness that occurs in almost 7% of US adults. Treatment for mild, moderate, or severe depression might consist of one or a combination of medication and talk therapy/counseling. Best results occur when there is a combination of the two. Many symptoms of depression include negative self-talk and irrational beliefs. Collaborating with a counselor will help to combat the negative self-talk and beliefs that you often tell yourself. Counselors will also help you to identify healthy coping skills to improve your mood and regain purpose in your life.

Without talk therapy to both uncover the root cause of the depression and learn ways to manage it, depression can persist despite medication. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, can help you uncover the beliefs you carry about life without even knowing it. These beliefs often contribute to depression below your level of awareness. I can help you face and refute the irrational thoughts and replace them with healthy, logical thoughts and positive self-talk.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms on a frequent or daily basis, please contact me for a full professional evaluation:

  1. sadness
  2. pessimism
  3. feeling like a failure
  4. loss of pleasure
  5. guilty feelings
  6. punishment feelings
  7. self-dislike
  8. self-criticalness
  9. suicidal thoughts or thinking “It would be better if I weren’t here.”*
  10. crying spells
  11. feeling agitated
  12. no interest or motivation
  13. difficulty with focusing or making decisions
  14. feeling worthless and hopeless
  15. lack of energy
  16. sleep issues – increase or decrease
  17. irritability
  18. appetite changes – up or down
  19. difficulty concentrating
  20. fatigue
  21. no sexual interest

(Adapted from the Beck Depression Inventory)

Taking that first step to call me for an appointment is hard, but can be the best decision you ever make. We can partner together and fight depression. You aren’t alone.