It’s a New Year and you are wanting to be a new and improved you. Like most of us, we profess our goals for the New Year but we wonder where the time, energy, and motivation to accomplish these goals will come from. Setting goals is the first step to making a healthy change, however if we lack the motivation and energy to take action on our goals then we can become stuck or negative and realize and nothing changes. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck or become negative. Follow these helpful tips below to stay motivated and accomplish your goals to find success.

  • Write your goals down and write how each goal will be accomplished
    • Making realistic measurable goals will help with success.
    • Goal: I will exercise 4 times weekly.
      • Steps to take: I will go to the gym, take a walk, join an exercise class, ask a friend to join me, hike, etc.
  • Designate time out of your week to work on your goals
    • Example: I will work on my goal during the evening on Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Sunday.
  • Stay motivated with your goals by using words, phrases, and visions of success
    • Creating a vision board keeps you inspired and reminds you of your goals to stay motivated and keep moving forward.
  • Don’t give up!
    • Missing a day doesn’t take away the success and steps you have already taken towards your goal. So, don’t quit. Find those words of inspiration, profess your goal, and then take action to get started again.
  • Celebrate when you accomplish each goal
    • Goals will be short term (3 months or less) and long term (4 months plus) so celebrate your success when a goal has been accomplished.
    • Celebration helps with motivation. It also gives us a time to reflect and realize what we accomplished. The celebration and reflection piece provides you more motivation and inspiration for the next goal.

Remember, the hardest part in accomplishing your goals is getting started. 21 days creates a habit and 90 days creates a lifestyle. If you find yourself stuck, don’t give up. If you find that you keep running into barriers or challenges then reach out to your support or a Life Coach or Counselor. We can partner with you to problem solve and find the success you are looking for. YOU GOT THIS!!!