Building self-esteem is a process. Your self-esteem wasn’t trashed overnight and true recovery takes a long time. Be patient and kind towards yourself at all times. Be your own best friend.

Stop Negative Self-talk. Learn to catch yourself and delete negative messages. Reframe negative self-talk into affirmations. Speak up for yourself and give yourself encouragement when life gets hard.

We teach people how to treat us. Remove yourself from dangerous people and situations. Detach and disconnect from cruel, selfish, or hurtful people. Negativity is one thing that will bring you down and keep you stuck.

Stop volunteering to be a victim. Many of us who have chronic low self-esteem, cannot bear for anyone around us to be angry. We are afraid we’ve failed or disappointed others. People who struggle with low self-esteem go out of their way to be ‘over the top’ nice, patient, forgiving, etc. Be assertive and use healthy communication. Don’t take the blame for something that is unwarranted.

Let people own their feelings. Let people feel their feelings, but don’t stress out over what is essentially their problem. You can say, ‘I’m sorry that happened’ but don’t apologize for yourself if you have done nothing wrong. If they can’t move on, you can.

Discover what you need and get it for yourself. When you give all of yourself to others, you feel depleted and exhausted and nothing is left over for your own self-care.  Nourish and comfort your mind, soul, body and spirit. When you take care of yourself you’re able to be a healthier more stable person within your relationships.

Vent your frustrations. Don’t just smile and say ‘I’m fine’. If someone asks, you can say, ‘No, I’m not doing well.’ Be honest with others but most of all with yourself. Process how you’re feeling by using healthy self-talk, journaling, or talking with a friend. Listen and trust yourself.

Encourage yourself. Affirmations and positive self-talk keep us motivated and encouraged during tough times. Be your own cheerleader. Offer yourself comfort, compassion, and encouragement to continue moving forward. Reframe your perspective and get back on track.