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Are you single? Are you experiencing disconnection within your dating life or in your current relationship? Are you feeling uncertain about the future of your love life? If you feel like giving up on dating or feeling tired and overwhelmed by the same disappointing dating experiences, there is Hope. Texas Dating Coaches can partner with you to change your dating life! We have more than 12 years of experience guiding people to find happiness within themselves and their relationships, to achieve their goals, and to overcome life’s dating and relationship challenges.

Our experience as Counselors and degrees in Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work are valuable factors when choosing the right Dating Coach. We will teach and inspire you to Show Up, Put Yourself Out There, and Change Your Perception and Attitude to recognize the dating opportunities that surround you.

You are in more control of your dating life and relationships than you think. We will coach you and uncover what limiting beliefs and insecurities you have that may be holding you back from a meaningful dating experience and love life.

Kimberlee Tucker, LPC and Shaina Singh, LCSW are partners at Texas Dating Coaches. Kimberlee is a Dating Coach located in the Dallas, TX area while Shaina offers Dating Coaching in the Austin, TX area. It’s important to determine a Dating Coach that is the best match for you and your needs. So, please continue to read more about Kimberlee on this website and view Shaina’s page at, http://fiveonetwocounseling.com/dating-coaching, to learn more about each Coach and their expertise.

A Dating Coach:


  • walks by your side to help you navigate the dating world
  • is a professional who helps you recognize patterns of dating and  helps you to get unstuck
  • helps you find solutions and helps you to recognize what is not working and what needs to be done differently
  • helps you navigate the online dating world
  • may or may not role play scenarios with you (based on individual clients)
  • walks by your side as you ponder over/talk about past dating experiences, break ups, and relationships
  • helps you to find hope and offers encouragement
  • assists in building your confidence and self esteem
  • educates each client on how to break their barriers in dating
  • helps you recognized limiting beliefs so you can date confidently
  • works with all clients of various gender and sexual orientations



A Dating Coach is NOT:


  • a matchmaking service
  • any form of ‘set up’ service
  • not affiliated with any online dating service



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