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Passive Aggressive vs. Assertive Styles in Dating Relationships

As a Dating Coach, I hear numerous accounts of missed opportunities to openly […]

Dating Over 30 – Where to Look

Dating can be exciting yet disappointing; hopeful yet tiresome. Especially when you add […]

How to Feel Encouraged When Life Gets Hard

It’s not the Load that breaks you down. It’s the way you Carry […]

Ways we Avoid Healing from Trauma, Mood, or Relationships

“If I journal, then I have to THINK about my past sexual abuse,” […]

Is It Love or a Red Flag? Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

  1. Pushes for quick involvement: comes on very strong, pressures for an exclusive […]

Winter Blues

If you’re feeling gloomy, sad, tired, or down during the winter months, you […]

How to Stay Motivated to Accomplish Your Goals

It’s a New Year and you are wanting to be a new and […]

Reality Check: How to Test Your Anxious Thoughts During this Holiday Season

“How we see it is how it will be.” (Anonymous)

We most often suffer […]

How to Meet Singles.

Week after week you talk with your friends about trying a new restaurant […]

You Won’t Change, So I Must Be Doing Something Wrong: A Quick Look at Codependency

Codependency is excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically a […]

How to Handle Divorce: Ten Quick Tips

1. Protect the children. Children have a deep psychological need to think […]

Should I Go to Therapy?

If you’ve never talked to a counselor, social worker, or psychologist—and you […]

Healing Low Self-Esteem

Remember that healing is a process; one day at a time. Your […]

Regular Checkups: The Value of Maintenance Care

“The depression symptoms are just so bad again,” my patient (fictional) sighed as […]

Do You Turn Toward, Turn Away Or Turn Against?

Each day, our partners make many attempts to connect with us, both verbal […]

Helpful Hints for Holiday Happenings

As the holiday season draws near, so do the stressful encounters with family! […]

When the Holidays Aren’t So Merry—Making it Through the Season

“What’s wrong with me?” my client (fictional) asked, shredding the tissue in her […]

Relationship Resolutions

In our busy lives we all need to remember to take time for […]


In our busy lives we all need to remember to take time for […]